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Over-The-Road Trailer Credit Application

This application is for over-the-road trailers including tanks and heavy haul equipment. These trailers may require a Commercial Driver’s License to pull, but you should check with your local Department of Transportation. Keep in mind that the more information you can provide, then the more potential lender options you are likely to receive. Also be aware that leasing may be an option for some providers but may not be available for all trailers. Be sure to check your answers thoroughly before signing and sending.

First Name:

Middle Name:

Last Name:

Best Phone Number to Reach You:

What condition should the equipment be in?

Describe the type of over-the-road equipment you are looking for. 

How much do you want to finance or seek pre-approval for? $

Would you consider leasing if available?


Note: To lease equipment through one of our providers, you should be aware of the following:

  • Leases have a minimum 1 year term
  • Requires a deposit plus first month’s payment to get started.
  • May be subject to equipment location monitoring at leasing company’s discretion
  • More terms and conditions may apply

Business Name to Register The Trailer(s):

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Federal Tax ID:   Time in Business (years & months):

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Within the past ten (10) years have you had any of the following:

Guarantors Tell us a little about those associated with your business who will guarantee payment…

Guarantor 1 First Name:    Middle Name:    Last Name:   Suffix:

Social Security No.:   Date of Birth:

Relationship to the Business:

Guarantor 2 First Name:   Middle Name:   Last Name:    Suffix:

Social Security No.:    Date of Birth:

Relationship to the Business:


Equipment Fiance/Lease Reference – If you have financed equipment before, please provide your lender’s information.

Lender Name (Business Name):Lender Account Number:
Lender Contact Person:Lender Phone Number:

Current Banking Information – Where does your business bank at?

Bank Name:Bank Account Number:
Bank Contact Person:Bank Contact Phone Number:

Work or Haul/Customer Reference – Who have you done work for in the past

Customer Name (Business Name):Products Hauled/Work Done:
Customer Contact Name:Customer Phone Number:

Vendor Reference – a company you have purchased products or services from for your business

Vendor Name (Business Name):Products/Services They Sell:
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The applicant authorizes the release of credit information to Green Trailer & Equipment Corp, its subsidiaries or assigns from any source including credit reporting agencies, and personal, bank, and credit references listed above. The individual signing below attests that all information included on the
application is true and accurate.

Date Signed: June 26, 2019

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